SABIO-RK Curation Service

To improve the SABIO-RK database content and to better match user requirements, we encourage you to send us curation requests.
These requests can be either e.g. PubMed identifiers or a more general request for kinetic data associated e.g. with a particular biochemical pathway, organism or tissue. Currently, this service is still provided without any fee. In case of questions don't hesitate to send us an email. Contact

Request for SABIO-RK curation service

Public Curation List

Topic Priority Status Client Name Client Adress Request Date Completed Date Publ. Kin. Param.
PMID 9288753 16614057 9679093 11792437 19754908 12969874 9784310 22906423 low public - - 11-03-2016 8
pyruvate dehydrogenase kinase1 low public - - 31-08-2016 2
Salmo salar, especially fatty acid metabolism medium public - - 15-04-2017 10
TCA cycle in humans high new - - 08-02-2019 48